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Working together for a better tomorrow

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What our employees say about working at Haarslev

  • Rendering isn't a well-known activity not many people know what we actually do. I am proud to say that Haarslev promotes sustainability and helps reduce environment pollution. I find this intensely interesting, and I'm very happy to share our story with my friends and family.

    Voon Hwa Cheah

    Area Sales Manager based in Malaysia

  • Haarslev is staffed with dedicated and determined professionals. The company values personal growth and offers ample opportunities to thrive, alongside exceptional colleagues. This makes it an exciting, rewarding and highly motivating place to work.

    Paul Falconer

    Marketing & Event Coordinator based in Denmark

  • Haarslev works towards creating a more sustainable world for all of us, pursuing new processes and technologies that enable us to be more energy-efficient in the future. I chose Haarslev because we all share this thought, and here I can make a difference by helping make it happen.

    Heitor Nogarolli Cordeiro

    Engineering Centre Manager based in Denmark

Our Values

  • Performance Oriented

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  • Customer Focused

The Haarslev Company Culture